Overheating and Electric Fans

459903291Are electric fans any help in the prevention of overheating?  Rick and I consider that 'hot' topic this week on PodMed, and for me as well as my colleagues here in Baltimore, thinking of hot things is a welcome respite from the Arctic conditions outside!  The study is a small one published in JAMA, but shows that up to certain levels of humidity fans indeed help reduce increases in core temperature and sweating in subjects exposed to heat and humidity.  Surprisingly, this runs counter to the current public health notion that fans aren't helpful in these circumstances and may in fact be harmful.  Hmmm, as I opine in the podcast, good to have a cheaper alternative to AC or going to a shelter.

Other topics this week include steroid use in pneumonia and varenecline use in people who have doubts about quitting smoking, both in JAMA, and Fusobacterium as a common cause of sore throats in a group of teenagers and young adults, in Annals of Internal Medicine.  Until next week, y'all live well.

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